Retirement Income Research

American Equity's Retirement Income Research 

American Equity continually partners with leaders in financial service education and retirement research to explore the evolving needs, preferences, and choices facing retirees today. For more information, read our recent white papers below. 

Funding Reliable Spending Through Insured Retirement Income with Michael Finke, Ph.D.

Today, fewer than 20% of retirement age workers will retire with a pension. As a result, retirees must decide how much they can safely take out of their portfolio each month for life. While none of us knows how long we will live or what future returns will be, this white paper explores the impact insured retirement income has on spending confidence throughout retirement. 

Download the full white paper.

Aligning Retirement Expectations with Financial Resources with Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)

How do current retirees and those preparing to retire in the next 15 years compare in terms of retirement readiness and confidence? In a study conducted by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) in partnership with American Equity, respondents revealed a contrast in lifetime income sources as well as preparedness for unexpected events, such as health care costs. 

The survey’s findings illustrate the financial resources retirees and near-retirees are looking for when retirement income planning, including openness to working with a financial professional and to products that offer guaranteed lifetime income, like annuities. 

The concept of an annuity resonates strongly with retirees and near-retirees. However, without more knowledge about product benefits, respondents indicated they would be less likely to purchase an annuity.


As the Financial Dignity Company, we believe in empowering future retirees with the products that can help meet their needs in retirement through the promise of guaranteed lifetime income that cannot be outlived.

Download the full “Aligning Retirement Expectations with Financial Resources” study. 



These findings are based on responses to an online survey conducted in November 2021. Survey responses came from 2,004 Americans, half of whom are workers who are 15 or fewer years from planned retirement age, and half of whom have been retired for at least five years. All survey respondents have at least $100,000 in retirement savings, not including the value of real estate. 

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