Immediate Annuity

The Flexibility of an Immediate Annuity

Planning for lifetime income in retirement is possible with an immediate annuity. Sleep better at night knowing your money is protected and your retirement is more secure because of the predictable payments of an annuity.  

What is an immediate annuity and how does it work?

An immediate annuity is a contract between you and American Equity in which you pay a single premium and income payments start no later than 12 months after issue. You can choose a guaranteed income for life or for a set period of time (5-25 years). With a variety of optional payout methods, you have the flexibility to choose a plan that fits your retirement needs.

Immediate Annuity Product

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Features and benefits may vary by product and state. Please review the contract or product disclosure for more information. 

Annuities are products of the insurance industry and are not guaranteed by any bank or insured by the FDIC. Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of American Equity.

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